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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 8, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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timpf, and tyrus, i love you, america. [cheers and applause] [♪] jon: another bruising week in the battle over impeachment. democrats release a report outlining the constitutional grounds to remove a president from office. i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." the white house declined to participate in tomorrow's hearing claiming that the president did nothing wrong. jerry nadler disagrees. he's touting the allegations as an. >> and shut case. >> you feel you have a rock solid case? >> we have a very rock solid
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case. the case if presented to a jury, it would be a guilty verdict in three minutes flat. jon: we begin with david spunt, he's on capitol hill. reporter: busy weekend for house democrats on the judiciary committee spending all day yesterday and today rehearsing for this big committee hearing. you can think of it as a trial. this could be potentially the last big hearing we see on television when it comes to impeachment. the members will hold a hearing where they formally accept the findings from the intelligence committee. on thursday just a few days ago house speaker nancy pelosi made the announcement she wants to move forward with articles of impeachment. those articles haven't yet been written. >> it's important that we have
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all of our facts exactly right, and we will. and that we present an accurate picture to the american people of the abuses committed are constitution, abuse of power, betrayal of his oath and his corruption of the election process. reporter: the ranking member doug collins wants tomorrow's hearing postponed. he's citing a document dump this weekend by democrats. he said it didn't give his staff enough time to prepare for tomorrow. they warrants to get this done because this is very much of a focus of getting rid of a president. reporter: chairman nadler says the hearing is going to happen tomorrow at 9:00. the president's team is not
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going to participate in the committee hearing. >> the president has the opportunity to come and testify. or his counsel. he said he doesn't want to do that. another pattern of obstruction of justice directly by the president. we'll listen to both cases presented to us, and after that in consultation with the speaker and adam chicago and the other relevant chairman. >> officials could start writing articles of impeachment by the end of this week or next week. just down the street from the capital, the department of justice inspector general report looking into the wiretap of a trump official in 2016, whether that was warranted, and other findings of potential fisa abuse is set to come out tomorrow.
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that report has been a few years in the making. a busy day tomorrow on capitol hill and all of washington. jon: the white house again reiterates it will not participate in the impeachment hearings. let's continue our fox team coverage with molly henneberg. reporter: president trump said democrats who put out an updated report on the constitutional grounds for impeachment are trying to find some way to get to impeachment. the president tweeted less than 48 hours before start of impeachment hearing hoax monday, the do-nothing democrats are changing the impeachment guidelines because the facts are not on their side. when you can't win the game, change the rules. the democrats say the president could present his side if he wants to have his say.
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>> the president was invited to submit his testimony and concerned his counsel. he has declined do so. >> congress shall have the sole authority. with the evidence we have, can we make a sound conclusion? i think we can. all of this direct evidence, can we reach a conclusion? >> the white house says it quote makes no sense to participate in the impeachment hearing because the guilt is predetermined. >> the dems are working through the weekend. i don't know if they worked through the weekend or anything. i would be nice if they were working through the weekend for drug pricing and things that are good for this country. this has all been a show this entire time. reporter: the department tweeted about the department of justice inspector general's report coming out tomorrow.
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the president tweeted, quote, the i.g. report out tomorrow. that will be the big story. john? jon: president trump saying his personal attorney, rudy giuliani will present a report to congress and the justice department on information he uncovered during his latest trip to ukraine. he reportedly traveled to the country last week to dig up information conformer vice president joe birden. he says giuliani has not told him what he found, but quote he has a lot of good information he will share. >> we are as we do in most active shooter investigations. work with the presumption thatth this was an act of terrorism. jon: the fbi giving an updates on the shooting at naval air station pensacola. they are trying to determine
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whether the gunman, a saudi military trainee, acted alone. jacqui heinrich is in pensacola with the latest. >> the focus of the investigation is whether mohammed saeed alshamrani was part of a larger network for motivated by ideology. but governor ron deand is said the shooter -- ron desantis said the shooter hated this country. >> have you read the reports? he had a majors social media trail. this guy was somebody who just had a deep-seated hatred for the united states. how can this individual take out three our sailors to me is unacceptable and i think it cot have been prevented. reporter: governor desantis said he's glad the department of defense is reviewing the vetting
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process for training with the u.s. military. but he wants to be sure what saudi arabia is doing in their screens. an anti-american tweet that came just before the shooting they want to confirm came from alshamrani. and somebody filmed the shooting from outside the buildings. >> it's unclear, were they filming before it began or picked up their phones and filmed it once they saw it unfolding. i think we need to let the investigation play out. today people pull out their phones and film anything and everything that happens. reporter: the bodies of the airmen killed were escorted in
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hearses. the president said he spoke to the saudi king about paying for the damages and talked about the legal loophole that allowed a foreign national to purchase weapon. jon: trey has more from jerusalem. >> the iranians announced a new budget that if approved would slightly increase public wages for civilians. the unveiling was done by the iranian president hassan rouhani. he outlined the $39 billion plan that includes a $5 billion loan
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from russia. 15% of the budget would go to public wages in a country that has seen inflation rise to 40%. since the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal, iran's economy has begun to crumble. in response the iranian regime has begun to violate the terms of the nuclear agreement. when iran decided to increase gas prices, anti-government demonstrations rocked the country. theist s. state department believes more than a thousand people were killed in the protests that were unable to be widely covered due to the internet being taken down. in an interview with bret baier this weekend mark esper discussed the ongoing protests in iran. >> you see a regime under stress. it's a good thing the iranian people are seeking the prosperity, the liberty and
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freedoms we enjoy in this country. reporter: tensions continue with strikes in eastern syria. one area of agreement occurred last week when the united states and iran occurred when they successfully conducted a prisoner exchange. bringing home an american student held for three years in iran. jon: north korea says it conducted a significant missile test after warning u.s. about a christmas gift. but did not get more specific. it said it depend on the progress with talks with the u.s. >> it's not clear how significant this test was in terms of technological advances. experts believe it was likely for a new engine for long-range
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ballistic missiles. the timing is no coincidences. this is a long string of provocative actions for the north. all in an effort to pressure the u.s. to offer sanctions relief before the deadline when kim jong-un said he will be done with negotiations and forced to seek another way. yesterday president trump insisted his personal relationship with him will lead with a deal. >> i will be surprised ifmore acted hostiley. i think we want to keep a good relationship. reporter: north korea tamped down on that saying denuclearization is already off the table. the potential dialogue is nothing more than a trick to
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make use of the dialogue solely as its domestic political agenda. >> i have seen these efforts, these plays, if you will, how north korea acts with kim or his father. the big thing is pay attention. don't discount everything, but you can't react to everything they say and do. reporter: just last week it announced kim and his government will be meeting before the end of the year to discuss you be specified crucial issues due to changing situations at home and abroad. jon: defense secretary mark esper denies reports the administration is preparing to deploy more troops to counter iran. >> i have no plans right now. we are to send 14,000 additional troops to the middle east. what i have said is on a like
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basis, daily basis, we monitor what's happening in the persian gulf. we watch what iran is doing to make sure what their intentions are. jon: stay tuned for chris wallace's interview with markser the 8:00 p.m. eastern. hundreds of pro-democracy protesters hitting the streets demanding greater civil liberties. christina coleman is following this. reporter: it's estimated 800,000 pro-democracy protesters took to the streets for a peaceful protest. it's thought to be the largest rally since it started a month ago. today was the first time the police authorized a rally for pro-democracy groups in hong kong. this group was behind the large protest that started back in
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june and defied the extradition bill. it would have sent criminal suspects to trial in mainland china. today demonstrators chanted fight for freedom. those demands are claims of police brutality during the protests, and amnesty for those arrested. >> we have too much burden. perhaps we have enough to go further. this is a long time struggle that we have to protest on and on. we can see a definite end because what we want to fight
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against tyranny is really quite a very difficult. reporter: this massive march comes afro democracy candidates won a landslide in local elections. but lam says she'll not make any more concessions even though china's retail and tourism has taken an economic hit during the unrest. >> this will be a signature for our movement. people are not giving up. people still fight for our freedom and democracy. reporter: today's march comes just before the u.n. human rights day which is on tuesday. organizers called on the protesters to join them across the world. jon: border apprehensions
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dropping last month. according to preliminary data reviewed exclusively by fox news. they returned our 40,000 migrants at the border. that makes 6 straight months of declines. the trump administration has poll is to allow migrants to be sent to other countries to await hearings in the u.s. a burgeoning crisis for america's rural communities. what's causing a shortage of hospitals nationwide. and the plans 2020 candidates put forward to try to solve it. that drive a company's growth and gain new perspectives.
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jon: all eyes on iowa as democratic candidates make their last pitch in the hawkeye state. pete buttigieg is under scrutiny for work he did for a consulting firm. reporter: mayor pete buttigieg spent the day in coralville, iowa. hundreds of people lined up waiting to hear from the mayor who is leading in this state. the campaign said 2,000 people came to the coralville event.
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as buttigieg's profile rises, he's come under new scrutiny. mckenzie and company is tied to the trump efforts at the mexico border. he says the firm has not agreed to release him from a non-disclosure agreement but he candidate them to. four immigrant rights groups sent a letter to the buttigieg campaign asking them to return $53,000 worth of donations they say is tied to the mckenzie firm. the mayor called the work with the mckenzie firm did with i.c.e. disgusting. they say the campaign has not taken donations with anyone
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named in the project. if they ever get any, they would immediately return them. buttigieg and another frontrunner traded jabs over tax returns and fundraisers. >> pete should open up his fundraisers. he should release who is bundling for him. >> it would be important for her to release all her tax returns. >> it's not about what happened 15 or 20 years ago. it's about the conflict we are having right now. >> when somebody decides that's important after doing it a different way for a long time. reporter: buttigieg's rally had one of the biggest crowds we have seen in iowa for a single candidate. the campaign says it's one of his largest rallies to date. jon: america's rural hospital
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crisis has become a major talking point on the campaign trail. almost 100 rural hospitals have closed since 2010 and a risk of others closing. >> the work to save spencer miller started close to home. >> the pain was astronomical. >> after being crushed by a falling gas tank at work was taken to a hospital. >> i live in a small town and a big city hospital is an hour to an hour and a half away. since 2010, more than 100 have closed and four times that's are still at risk. >> you have going to have to plan when you are going to hurt yourself. because you don't have access to that healthcare.
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>> residents spend an hour on average getting to a major hospital. that drive time doubles for patients needing specialized services for burns and brain injuries. >> sometimes we are dealing with two or three things that flared up because we wouldn't able to get them access here. >> as hospitals board, communities crumble. closed hospitals mean fewer jobs and smaller school districts. now it's becoming a political issue. >> we are seeing a unique focus on rural health and rural communities we haven't seen in the last 20 to 30 years. reporter: many in states with early primaries and caucuses. >> you want to keep a community alive, you have got to have a rural hospital. >> we have a bill for emergency room designations so you can
3:27 pm
have a different level of care. >> iowans like miller say whether a democrat or president wins in 2020, they will insist the plans become reality. >> once people can see what's happening, i think more will be done to help it. jon: lawmakers reach a rare bipartisan deal on legislation to protect patients from surprise medical bills. it sets benchmark rates for providers and an arbitration process for disputes. president trump has previously called for action on the issue, urging congress to hold insurance companies and hospitals accountable. washington braces for a manic monday as house democrats present their evidence in the impeachment inquiry and the
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jon>> 9 legislative days left. the democrats don't have a budget, haven't funded the government. we have trade deals that are more than a year old. nothing on prescription drugs. the democrats hinged their entire majority on impeachment of this president. jon: republicans accuse democrats of putting pressing issues on the back burner in favor of impeachment. tomorrow the justice department's inspector general is expected to release his report on potential abused by the fbi.
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chairman jerry nadler says it's possible a vote on the articles could come as soon as this week. joe, it's supposed to rain in washington tomorrow and that's probably a good thing because the sparks will be flying with the inspector general report coming out in the impeachment inquiry. democrats kind of slow walked impeachment for a long time. nancy pelosi said throughout the summer into the fall that she wasn't in any hurry to conduct an impeachment inquiry. now we'll have a vote, why the rush? >> there are two primary reasons why the democrats are gearing you have and accelerating the process. the year is coming to an end. house democrats have made a lot of progress on issues that should be bipartisan. getting the defense spending bill through and getting a
3:34 pm
budget done. as time as gone on you see a large contingency of house democrats want to go add new charges to these articles of impeachment. for nancy pelosi, chef should keep it narrow. they are trying to quell the desire by other democrats in the house. jon: republicans like kevin mccarthy are saying that, you know, this is a do-nothing democratic house. they haven't passed a lot of issues they could have worked on. you are saying they are feeling some of the heat from that? >> as mccarthy just said, this gives republicans a whole new set of talking points. it's one thing to say this investigation is a sham. there is no evidence, they are inventing charges.
3:35 pm
and others are saying here are the issues americans want to see done and we all agree on. instead you are going through with a partisan impeachment you aren't going to get a single republican vote on. jon: this is adam schiff who says, well, that he won't commit to his vote on impeachment. this is a guy who has been figuratively at the front of this process. >> i will see what articles come out of the judiciary committee deliberations. i'll make my views known at that time. but i will say this. this is precisely the kind of conduct the founders were most concerned about when they provided the remedy of impeachment. jon: are we to believe chairman schiff would not vote for articles of impeachment? >> i think this is a for
3:36 pm
mallity. i think he has gotten heavy criticism over his conduct. i think it would be too france transparent for him to d it would be too transparent for him to say i'm impeaching the president. jon: they didn't get very far with the mueller report which is why they launched into this ukraine thing. a member of the judiciary committee says he's thinking of bringing the mueller report into the impeachment articles. >> that will be a decision that the judiciary committee makes with the leadership of the house. jon: he was saying he wants to potentially broaden the impeachment articles to include the mueller report. is that going to fly or is that the kind of thing you alluded to
3:37 pm
earlier that nancy pelosi is trying to tamp down. >> there have been a number of house democrats who want to impeach the president on the hen the emollients clause. it would make the senate republicans that much more willing to dismiss this quickly once it reaches that point. so i think that pelosi is letting the democrats air out these concerns. but i would be surprised if we saw articles of impeachment. jon: i want to play what lindsey graham said about this inspector general's report that comes out tomorrow. >> i think we'll see a pattern where they manipulated the evidence to get a warrant. they sent strong signals
3:38 pm
christopher steele was biased against trump. they withheld information from the court about how the dossier was created. they never informed the court was paid for by the democratic party. jon: dueling issues tomorrow. it will be electrifying on capitol hill when these things come out. >> if the democrats impeach which i believe they will. you will have an issue with the senate republicans. some senate republicans want to stretch it out as long as possible and bring in hunter bind and joe biden. others air keep it -- others say keep it clean and get it done quick. jon: the senate wants to get this over with before the moved election. >> before the november election. but we are far away away from
3:39 pm
that. it would be fascinating to see every democratic candidate having to be in washington, d.c. leading up to the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary. jon: house democrats would like to see impeachment damage the president politically to improve the prospects of the democratic candidate in november 2020. sure. but again if house democrats think this entire impeachment saga turns into an advertisement for the democratic party. you have a lot of democrats running for president. as well as the former vice president who is implicated in this matter. i think the goals are different in the two congressional chambers. jon: the inspector general's
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billy cardy, jr. also died in the line of duty in 1978. he was just 48 years old. arctic air is on its way to the upper midwest as those states deal with the chill, other parts of the nation could get rain. adam klotz is here with the forecast. >> it's going to get really cold in several places across the country. if you look in the middle of the country, 50 degrees currently in kansas city. pay attention to the top tier. we have canadian air that will be slipping into this country in the next couple kays. these temperature -- we are stae negative temperatures in the dakotas. before you know it, some of
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these locations getting down to negative 10, negative 20 degrees. you have got some really low numbers working across the country. when you talk about temperatures like this, no surprise. currently some snow moving across the dakotas. this is going to spread out. we have a large area here. from the dakotas. running all the way to wisconsin. we have winter storm watches and warnings. some of these locations can see a foot to two feet of snowfall. this could be a big snow maker. out in front of this, rain is going to be moving in. it's too warm across much of the rest of the country. we see heavy rain moving in monday and tuesday all the way up into new york. heavy showers. i think the thing we'll be focusing on will be the snow. snowfall totals, you start to
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see the gray colors getting us to a foot of snow. we are talking about winter. that will be look and feeling like it in places. >> it wasn't terribly slick when you went rappeling down a building on live tv. >> it was cold up there. this is the first time i have seen video. this is the funniest assignment i have seen at fox. it's highs for lights. santa claus goes down the building and lights the christmas tree. 5,000 people are there to see the thing. i was happy to test it out. it was so much fun. jon: adam klotz, congratulations. a new frontier on the so-called war on christmas. the polarizing debate over the tree.od humans.
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[♪] jon: 'tis the season to debate. is it called a christmas tree or holiday tree. lawmakers in wisconsin on both sides of the aisle are divided.
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>> for the holiday you want a christmas tree unless you are not celebrating christmas. >> these evergreens are ready to be decked out. you can cut your own at this tree farm. the owner calls them christmas trees. >> it wasn't the fact of not using christmas. they are christmas trees. we wish people a merry christmas. reporter: the battle over what to call the iconic tree hit the wisconsin state assembly when the governor proposed changing the name of the tree at the capitol to holiday tree. last month state lawmakers voted to keep it christmas tree. >> christ is right in the name of christmas. >> people in europe worshiped
3:53 pm
the ever greens because they never lost their color or needles during the cold months. martin luther is credited with putting candlelights on the ever greens to honor the birth of jesus. while evergreens are not directly tied to the nativity -- >> the tradition or idea of calling it a holiday tree is a recent one. it's a 21st krenturely1st -- ce. release a statement, christian nationalists misusing their authority to endorse and promote their own religious views and so hauled holy book over other religions and non-religion.
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in new york, fox news. jon: germany is outdoing itself once again. bakers unveiled one of the world's biggest fruitcakes ever. it weighs 9,000 pound. to germans this holiday delicacy is a staple christmas treat. foxnation is celebrating the christmas season with the host of "fox and friends." join them as they count down to the first tree lighting at fox square 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. you want a new job for the new year? we'll tell you where you might want to look. what's on my christmas wish list?
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steve and i am chris wallace. a saudi air force officer targeted military base. killing three members of the u.s. navy. we will discuss chris: a saudi kills three people at a naval base in pensacola. another iranians continued to ship muscles in iraq and yemen. >> president trump's promise to pulls u.s. troops out of endless wars. >> ronald reagan was leaning forward and we are pulling back. chris: we


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